Symphony in the Flint Hills




Who we are

Symphony in the Flint Hills, Inc. is a 501c(3) non-profit organization that is led by a 13-member volunteer Board of Directors and operated by a small staff with the help of 700 volunteers. The Signature Event and year-round prairie education activities are made possible only through the generosity of contributors like you.

How we started

In 1994, Matfield Green rancher Jane Koger celebrated her birthday by inviting the public to a “Symphony on the Prairie.” More than 3,000 people from far and wide congregated at her Homestead Ranch for a magical union between symphonic music and the prairie landscape.

Ten years after Jane Koger’s legendary birthday concert, Chase, Lyon, Morris and Wabaunsee County leaders founded Symphony in the Flint Hills, Inc. to heighten the appreciation and knowledge of the tallgrass prairie. In 2006, the organization held the first of its annual prairie concerts, a Kansas tradition that now attracts approximately 7,000 attendees from all over the world.

Our Mission

Heighten appreciation and knowledge of the tallgrass prairie, by providing opportunities to experience symphonic music and place-based education in the Kansas Flint Hills.

Our Vision

• Increase awareness among the general public about the ecological and cultural significance of the Flint Hills.

• Produce an ongoing series of symphonic concerts in the Kansas Flint Hills.

• Combine the human, environmental and financial resources of rural grasslands people to accomplish together what none can do alone.

• Provide an economic boost to rural Kansas prairie communities.

• Uplift our spirits and celebrate with grateful hearts our “home on the range.”


For more information please call 620.273.8955 or visit our website at