Flint Hills National Scenic Byway

The Flint Hills might possibly be the most famed landscape in Kansas focusing on its sweeping grasses and rugged limestone bluffs. It’s certainly the most revered landscape as the area represents the largest remaining tract of tallgrass prairie in North America. These endless vistas have remained unchanged for thousands of years and a variety of people, plants and wildlife call the Flint Hills home.

The northern most point of this byway, highway 177, begins in Council Grove and meanders south to Chase County. Here you find the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve and its limestone mansion, Fox Creek Schoolhouse, an enormous three-story barn as well as a state of the art visitors center.

On down the road, you will come to Cottonwood Falls where you can visit the Chase County Courthouse, museums and the historic Cottonwood Bridge. As your journey continues south, can stop at the Scenic Overlook to get a 360-degree view of the prairie. Spend some time at the Pioneer Bluffs Historic District before traveling to Matfield Green.

The awe-inspiring beauty of the Flint Hills embraces you as you travel this unique portion of the byways of Kansas.


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Scenic Overlook south of Cottonwood Falls image StreamPress
Scenic Overlook south of Cottonwood Falls image Kandace Wakeman

Road Trip Through the Flint Hills

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