Chase County Courthouse- Masks are required on 2nd floor (3/23/2021)

Chase County Courthouse

300 Pearl St. Cottonwood Falls, KS 66845 620-273-8469 (tours) 620-273-6319 (business) Show Map | Return to top.
Photo of Chase County Courthouse

Hours: Self Guided tours available weekdays 8am-5pm (except government holidays). Tour brochures are available in the foyer of the courthouse and at the Chase County Chamber Office located at 318 Broadway.

Guided Group tours available (10+ people) by appointment, 12-4 pm. Monday – Friday and Saturdays (April – November) Call the Chase County Chamber at 620-273-8469 to schedule a tour.

The Chase County Courthouse is the oldest courthouse in the Midwest still in daily use. Completed in 1873, the Courthouse is built from native limestone that was quarried and hand-cut in the Flint Hills. The limestone blocks were then brought to the Courthouse by horse-drawn wagons; some stones weighed nearly seven tons. Over 140 years later, the Courthouse is unmatched in durability and design, and remains a living tribute to its builders and the Flint Hills pioneers.

Highlights include a three-story black walnut spiral staircase, a working courtroom with embossed tin ceiling, jury room and judge’s chamber, and the unique solidly built jail with steel door.

Courthouse Fun Facts:

  • Native limestone, used in the building, has been shipped to every state in the country where it may be found in scores of famous public structures, including the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. and the Topeka State House.
  • The Register of Deed’s office contains an unusual vault, circa 1910, that is two stories high with a glass brick ceiling.
  • The courthouse was placed on the National Historic Register in 1971 and greets over 6,000 visitors each year from every state and many countries.
  • The original construction cost in 1873 was $40,000.
  • Workers on the courthouse were paid well by the standards of the day. Stonemasons earned $3.50 per day, and other workers earned $1.75 to $2.25 a day.
  • Above the jail is a walk-in attic containing a large wooden plank cistern used to collect rain water from the tile roof.


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