A Christmas Story at Ad Astra

A Christmas Story at Ad Astra

Sunday, December 23rd at 5pm! Join Ralphie and the Parkers for an evening of fun! Come dressed up or how you’d like and enjoy a terrific Chinese dinner, prepared by Chef Lyman and his culinary team.
We’ll be showing the movie, A Christmas Story starting at 5pm and have holiday music from Bree and Marty from 6-8pm. (Movie will still be playing silently during the music) Hope to see you all there!
Sunday, December 23rd at 5pm! Menu will post soon! We know it won’t be a $&@^*#! turkey! 😄


The guys in the Ad Astra kitchen are cooking up their best Chinese food ever!

Crab Rangoon

Entrees: With choice of fried rice or white rice
Orange chicken
Beef and broccoli stir fry
Szechwan shrimp
Sesame chicken
General tso’s chicken